Anchnesneferibre, daughter of Pharaoh (king) Psamtik II and his wife Tachuit, was in the 26th Dynasty around 595-525 BC, God's Wife of Amun. They also wore from about 595-560 BC the title of High Priestess of Amun in Thebes.

Ankhesenneferibre As a stele from Karnak is sent to Thebes and adopted by its predecessor, Nitocris. Eight years later, in four of the Government of her brother Apries (ca. 586 BC), than its predecessor Nitokris died, she took over the office of God's Wife of Amun. As God's Wife of Amun they possessed great political power and ruled Thebes for a period of 60 years. She had her office during the reign of four pharaohs III. , Holding her father Psammetichus II, Apries, Amasis and Psammetichus until the beginning of Persian rule. With the Persian rule the office of God's Wife of Amun was lifted. Your grave chapel is located in the temple complex of Medinet Habu. She is represented by several reliefs and statues in Karnak. Her black basalt sarcophagus was reused in the Ptolemaic period by a man named Pymentu and is now in the British Museum.