Anlo Youth Organisation

The Anlo Youth Association ( AYA ) (also: Anlo Youth Organization) was a political party in Ghana in the independence process of the country.

A renamed Federation of Youth ( FY) was founded the party in 1954. (Also: Federal Youth Organization ( FYO ) ) took place in 1956. The name component Anlo goes back to an ethnic group of the Ewe. A dialect of Ewe is called the Anlo or Anglo. The Anlo - Ewe are an essential component of the Ewe. The Ewe ethnic group lives in the south east of present-day Ghana and in the southwest of present-day Togo.

Political orientation

The Anlo Youth Association was founded on the elections of 1954 by Modesto Apaloo and operated as the Anlo - Ewe advocacy in the southeast of the then British colony of the Gold Coast. The Ewe were distributed to the British colony of the Gold Coast and the French colony in what is now Togo, due to the colonial situation.

The AYA represented in contrast to the Togoland Congress and other groups considered the Ewe should verwerden completely connected to the Gold Coast; under the aspect of the upcoming integration of the British Trust Territories.

In the elections of 1954, the AYA generated from 104 seats in the Legislative Assembly ( Legislative Assembley ). After renaming the Anlo Youth Association scored as a Federal Youth organization in the elections of July 17, 1956, meeting the same result, ie one seat

After independence in 1957

Soon after the independence of Ghana on March 6, 1957, a law to prevent discrimination ( avoidence of Discrimination Act 1957, CA 38 ) was adopted on the initiative of the then Prime Minister Kwame Nkrumah and later president of Ghana. This law forbade any grouping with an ethnic, religious, regional or similar purposes with effect from 31 December 1957.

The full title of the Act was:

Law on the Prohibition of organizations that use propaganda to belonging to a tribe, a region, a race or a religion or use to the detriment of a community or to the election of persons because of their membership in a tribe, region or religion or similar securing purposes. (English: An Act to prohibit Organizations using or engaging in tribal, regional, racial and religious propaganda of to the detriment of any community, or Securing the election of persons on account of Their tribal, regional or religious affiliations and for other purpuse connected there with. )

The Anlo Youth Association and the Federation of Youth was due to the significant relation with the tribe of Ewe under the law and has been virtually overnight in an illegal group, although she was represented in Parliament since your election in 1954. Affected parties included the Muslim Association Party (MAP), Togoland Congress, the Northern Peoples' Party and other organizations as well as Ga Shifimo Kpee.

AYA - United Party

To go to a party ban out of the way, various parties joined together early in 1958 to the United Party (Ghana). The UP was composed of the following parties and groups:

  • National Liberation Movement (NLM )
  • Anlo Youth Association ( AYA )
  • Togoland Congress ( TC)
  • Northern Peoples' Party
  • Muslim Association Party
  • Ga Shifimo Kpee

With the establishment of the UP officially no longer existed, the AYA. In addition to the successor party to the United Party was in Ghana, only the party Nkrumah, the Convention People's Party (CPP ) from 1958.