Anna Bergendahl

Henrietta Anna Bergendahl (born 11 December 1991 in Stockholm ) is a Swedish singer. Notoriety they gained through their participation in the Swedish talent show Idol ( 2008). In 2010 she won the English title This Is My Life, the Swedish preliminary decision to Euro Vision Song Contest.


The daughter of a doctor and a teacher, was born in the district of Stockholm Hägersten and grew up with three older siblings in Nyköping and Katrine Holm on. Inspired by the Disney movie The Lion and old LPs of her father king, Bergdahl began early for the music to inspire and to be making public appearances singing. At the age of ten she wrote his first songs. Two years later Bergdahl took part in the broadcast by private television channel TV4 program Super Troupers (2004 ), a music program for children. There, the 12 -year-old appeared alongside later known as emerging artists like Amy Diamond and Jonathan Fagerlund. But with the title " Play That Funky Music" they had a disadvantage compared to the older one years of Frida Schewen.

A wide Swedish television audience shouted Bergdahl who also plays guitar since the age of eight, 2008 with the participation in the fifth season of the TV4 talent show Idol in memory. In the Swedish version of Pop Idol, she presented among other songs of Oh Laura (Release Me), ABBA (Mamma Mia ), Tommy Körberg ( Stad i Ijus ), Cher (Save Up All Your Tears ), Leona Lewis ( Bleeding Love ) Tina Turner ( Simply The Best ) and Eva Cassidy ( Over the Rainbow ). For her interpretation of ballads praised, finished the 16 -year-old in the victory of five years older Kevin Borg fifth place. Their findings, published in the talent show singles were able to place in the Swedish charts.

In May 2009, Bergdahl announced that it has entered into a contract with the record company Lionheart Records and working on her debut album. A year later, she took the first time in the Swedish preselection for the Euro Vision Song Contest, organized by the public service broadcaster SVT Melodifestivalen. With the composed by Bobby Ljunggren and Kristian Lagerström English ballad This Is My Life, the blonde artist was at the Swedish bookies as the favorite to win. On March 13 Anna Bergendahl won then Globen in Stockholm the Melodifestival with 31 points ahead of Salem Al Fakir ( Keep On Walking). So she represented Sweden at the 55th Euro Vision Song Contest on May 27, 2010 in Oslo in the second semi-final, but could not qualify for the two days later held finale. It reached 62 points in eleventh place and was five points behind the tenth- placed Formation Lilygreen Jon & The Islanders from Cyprus, which reached the final.

This Is My Life led from March 5 to April 1, 2010 Swedish singles chart at. Their debut album, Yours Sincerely was published on 21 April 2010 by Lionheart Records and rose two days later at number one the Swedish album charts. In the first place, there remained only one week.

Anna Bergendahl lives with her family in Nyköping, where she attended high school. As musical role models she calls Tracy Chapman, Norah Jones, John Mayer, Van Morrison, Damien Rice and Swedish artists Lisa Ekdahl and Jill Johnson. As a career choice they are to a singer or a doctor.



  • Yours Sincerely (2010)
  • Something to Believe In (2012 )


  • Release Me (2008)
  • Save Up All Your Tears (2008)
  • ( I've Had ) The Time Of My Life ( duet with Kevin Borg, 2008)
  • Bleeding Love (2008)
  • Over the Rainbow (2008)
  • This Is My Live (2010)
  • The Army (2010)
  • Live and Let Go ( 2012)