Anna III, Abbess of Quedlinburg

Countess Anna of Stolberg (* April 3, 1565, † May 12, 1601 in Quedlinburg ) was when Anna III. Abbess of the rich immediate and free secular Quedlinburg.


Anna was a daughter of Count Henry of Stolberg (1509-1572) and his wife Elisabeth von Gleichen († 1578).

On September 24, 1584 Anna's election as abbess of Quedlinburg was confirmed by Emperor Rudolf II. Prior to the inauguration ceremony of Anna attending their relatives, Count Albrecht Georg were kidnapped and Count of Stolberg Wolf Ernst zu Stolberg on behalf of the Elector of Saxony secretly from the castle Quedlinburg and imprisoned in the castle Hohenstein ( Saxon Switzerland ).

In disputes with the municipal authorities of the city and the patrons of the congregation, the Elector of Saxony, Anna appealed to the emperor, who you summoned, "that the patron had nothing to command the magistrates, and the abbess sole ruler of the pin and the sey city. " For further clashes with the magistrate, the abbess was prompted this 12 assessors inflict.

After the death of the Elector Augustus, his son Christian became the new patron of the congregation. However, this was under the guardianship of Duke Frederick William of Weimar. Friedrich Wilhelm refused to vote for election of 1593 took place Anna Margarethe von Braunschweig ( 1567-1643 ) for Koadjutorin. After the death of Anna III. he was able to enforce his own sister as a new abbess.

Anna died 36 years old after a walk in Brühl suddenly on " apoplexy ". She is buried in the Castle Church in Quedlinburg.