Anna Marcet Haldeman

Anna Marcet Haldeman ( born June 18, 1887 in Girard, Kansas, USA, † February 13, 1941 ) was an American author.

She was the niece of the reformer Jane Addams. Her father, Dr. Henry Winfield had founded in 1884 the first bank of Girard. When he died in 1905, his wife Sarah Alice Addams Haldeman took over the presidency. Marcet Girard left to begin in New York a stage career. As in 1915, her mother died, she returned to Girard and took over the presidency of the bank.

In the same year she married Emanuel Haldeman - Julius. They performed together a farm, wrote short stories and novels, and gave 1919 the then new book series Little Blue Books out. In 1941 she died of cancer.