Anna Maria of Hesse-Kassel

Anna Maria of Hesse-Cassel ( born January 27, 1567 Kassel, † November 21, 1626 in Vienna) was a princess of Hesse- Kassel and by marriage Countess of Nassau- Saarbrücken.


Anna Maria was the eldest daughter of Landgrave Wilhelm IV of Hesse -Kassel (1532-1592) from his marriage with Sabine (1549-1581), daughter of Duke Christoph of Württemberg.

They married on June 8, 1589 in Kassel Count Louis II of Nassau- Weilburg ( 1565-1627 ), the Anna Maria came to know during his Grand Tour and was doing well received at Anna Maria's father and her uncle Ludwig. In 1590 the couple had moved to Ludwig's father Albrecht following Ottweiler and took over in 1593, the government of Louis of Nassau- Weilburg.

Anna Maria made ​​himself responsible for social welfare earned and established a Hofapotheke.

1626 Anna Maria fled from the plague from Saarbruecken to Neunkirchen where she died of it. Buried is Anna Maria in the crypt of the Church of Saint Arnual in Saarbrücken, in which they had built a few years earlier an impressive tomb for three of her children in what later her tomb was inserted.


Anna Maria had the following children from her marriage:

  • Wilhelm Ludwig (1590-1640), Count of Nassau -Saarbrücken
  • Anna Sabine (1591-1593)
  • Albrecht (1593-1595)
  • Sophie Amalie (1594-1612)
  • Georg Adolf (1595-1596)
  • Philip (1597-1621)
  • Luise Juliane (1598-1622)
  • Moritz (1599-1601)
  • Ernst Karl (1600-1604)
  • Marie Elisabeth (1602-1626)
  • Johann (1603-1677), Count of Nassau- Idstein
  • Dorothea (1605-1620)
  • Ernst Casimir (1607-1655), Count of Nassau -Weilburg
  • Otto (1610-1632), Count of Nassau -Weilburg in Neuweilnau