Anna Wilhelmine of Anhalt-Dessau

Anna Wilhelmine Princess of Anhalt- Dessau ( * 1715, † 1780) was the eighth of ten children of Prince Leopold I of Anhalt -Dessau and his wife Princess Anna Luise Föhse Empire.

The favored child of her father, she received a gift of 27 years, the Good Mosigkau at Dessau. The life unmarried princess soon began with the selection of an architect from the Saxon school. From 1757 she spent her summer stay in the newly built castle for them Mosigkau. Floor plan and spatial sequence they had to plan for a household of women, the men lodged in the pavilion.

Your skill in financial matters meant that they regularly checked the accounts of her brother Prince Maurice of Anhalt- Dessau and 1759 during which suffered severe war injuries took over the supervision of his goods and his staff.

In the year she died they decreed the establishment of a " high noble lady pin " in Mosigkau Palace. The monastery existed until 1945. Since then, the castle is open as a museum.