Annapolis Royal

Annapolis Royal is a Canadian town in Annapolis County, Nova Scotia. It lies on the River Annapolis to an arm of the Bay of Fundy.


Across the river side of the present-day village, the first settlement in Canada in 1605 with the Fort Port Royal founded by Samuel de Champlain. Port Royal was there a fortified trading post and no purely military system. After the burning of the fort by the British in 1613 was recreated during the late 17th century Annapolis Royal to today's point. 1710, the city was captured by the British and renamed in honor of Queen Anne in Annapolis Royal. Until the founding of Halifax in 1749, it was now the capital of Nova Scotia. On November 29, 1892 the municipal charter granted.


  • The first fort system of 1605 was discovered in 1930, excavated and reconstructed to original specifications. As a National Memorial Port Royal Habitation this plant can be visited today, with all rooms decorated and are walkable.
  • In the city center is located at Fort Anne another National Memorial, which is partially reconstructed. In the resulting main house is a museum of local history.
  • Riverside is the tidal power plant Annapolis, since 1984 until today ( 2009) the second largest power plant of its kind in the world.

Main building of Fort Anne


Annapolis Royal is partnered with the cities of Annapolis (Maryland) in the United States and Royan in France.