Anne-Charlotte Verney

Anne -Charlotte Verney is a former French auto racing driver.

Anne -Charlotte Verney was known by two events beyond the borders of their home country France also:

In 1980, she drove the 24 -hour race of Le Mans together with the French actor Jean -Louis Trintignant. It was Trintignants only appearance as a driver at Le Mans and the race ended prematurely after a gearbox failure for the Kremer - Porsche 935.

In 1982, she was with the Paris-Dakar rally co-driver Mark Thatcher. Verney and the son of British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher and a mechanic were lost in the Sahara and remained undetected for five days. Only a Hercules C -130 of the Algerian Air Force sighted the Peugeot 504 50 km away from the official route. The two pilots and mechanics were rescued unharmed.

Their best finish in Le Mans - where it was ten times at the start - in 1981 was the sixth overall. In 1977, she finished fourth in the Tour de France for automobiles.

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