Anne of Bohemia and Hungary

Anna Jagiello of Hungary and Bohemia ( born July 23, 1503 Buda, † January 27, 1547 in Prague) was after the death of their brother Ludwig II heiress of Bohemia and Hungary. She was the wife of Ferdinand I, who later became emperor of the Holy Roman Empire.


Anna was the daughter of King Vladislav II of Bohemia and Hungary and his third wife Anna of Foix - Candale. Ever since her childhood was argued and bargained for the future marriage of Anna. Without the consent of the Hungarian estates Vladislav II and Emperor Maximilian I. agreed in 1515, Vladislav only children, Anna and her brother Louis, with the grandchildren of Maximilian I to marry ( double wedding in Vienna ). Anna married on May 26, 1521 Linz Archduke Ferdinand and Louis Ferdinand's sister Mary in 1522.

After her brother's death in 1526 at the Battle of Mohacs Ferdinand was out of her right king of Hungary and Bohemia. The Hungarian barons, who never wanted to accept a foreign ruler, Johann Zápolya elected anti-king.

Anna was famous for her piety, charity and wisdom, they spoke Latin, Czech, Hungarian and German. Ferdinand put it shortly after the marriage, together with the Bishop of Trieste, as chairman of its privy councilor one. It is held for the author of the font clypeus pietatis.

Ferdinand parted hardly by his wife, and they accompanied him on most trips. Ferdinand argued imperial entourage wondered about the opposite, that it was better to spend the expenses for the wife as for various lovers.


She gave birth to 15 children, in 1547 she died in childbirth.

  • Elisabeth of Austria (1526-1545) ∞ 1543 Sigismund II Augustus ( 1520-1572 ), King of Poland
  • Maximilian II (1527-1576), Emperor of the Holy Roman Empire in 1548 ∞ Maria of Spain ( 1528-1603 )
  • Anne of Austria (1528-1590) ∞ 1546 Albrecht V ( 1528-1579 ), Duke of Bavaria
  • Ferdinand II (1529-1595), Archduke of Austria - Tyrol
  • Maria of Austria (1531-1581) ∞ 1546 Wilhelm ( Jülich- Kleve - Berg) Duke of Jülich, Cleves and Berg
  • Magdalena of Austria (1532-1590)
  • Catherine of Austria (1533-1572)
  • Eleanor of Austria (1534-1594) ∞ 1561 Guglielmo Gonzaga ( 1538-1587 ), Duke of Mantua and Montferrat
  • Margaret of Austria (1536-1566)
  • John of Austria (1538-1539)
  • Barbara of Austria (1539-1572) ∞ 1565 Alfonso II d' Este ( 1533-1597 ) Duke of Ferrara, Modena and Reggio
  • Charles II (1540-1590), Archduke of Inner Austria ∞ 1571 Maria Anna of Bavaria ( 1551-1608 )
  • Ursula of Austria (1541-1543)
  • Helen of Austria (1543-1574)
  • Johanna of Austria (1547-1578) ∞ 1565 Francesco I de ' Medici ( 1541-1587 ), Grand Duke of Tuscany

For those times unusual, the parents took care personally for their children, who grew up simply and modestly. You were not taught by private tutors, but visited together with other children to public school in Innsbruck. Particular attention was paid to the learning of languages.

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