Annemasse is a French town with 32 657 inhabitants (as of January 1, 2011 ) in the arrondissement of Saint -Julien -en- Genevois located the lake in Haute -Savoie, near the border with Switzerland and.


Annemasse is located two kilometers from the city of Geneva and 45 km from Annecy in the French-Swiss border.

The city belongs to two cantons: Annemasse Annemasse -Nord and Sud.


In 1999, 56 726 people were living in the agglomeration.


Mayor of the city since 2008, Christian DUPESSEY.


Annemasse is located in the center of a major transport node at the international Geneva airport ( Genève- Cointrin ) and less than ten minutes from the airport Annemasse.

The town has a station on the railway line Léaz -Saint -Gingolph which is the starting point of the railway line Annemasse -Eaux -Vives and the railway line Aix -les- Bains- Annemasse.


Partners town of Annemasse since 1970 Gaggenau Baden- Württemberg ( Germany ). Friendship agreements exist with Sieradz in Poland and since 2000 in Boisbriand, Quebec (Canada) since 2001.


  • Renatus Weber (1908-1992), German politician ( CDU) and a member of the Hamburg Parliament, born in Annemasse
  • Wolfgang Wind streets (1914-1974), opera singer ( tenor) and opera director, born in Annemasse
  • Jean -Marc Gaillard ( b. 1980 ), cross-country skier, born in Annemasse
  • Geoffrey Tréand ( born 1986 ), football player, born in Annemasse
  • Jérôme Coppel ( born 1986 ), cyclist, born in Annemasse
  • Tessa Worley (* 1989), alpine skier, born in Annemasse
  • Michel Montignac (1944-2010), French author of books on nutrition and founder of the Montignac Method, lived and died in Annemasse