Anger, and frustration, is a spontaneous, inner, negative emotional response ( affective ) on an unpleasant or undesirable situation, person or memory. What causes trouble - the scandal -, a frustration, be about an insult. The deliberate causing of that emotion by others is called a tease.

With anger is often named a whole bunch of negative emotions, which can have different excitation levels and intensities. The strongest form is the rage (also called " Rage "), which is the opposite due to aggressive behavior often hidden ( except possibly the impotent rage ). Less exciting forms of anger include discomfort, annoyance or displeasure. These emotions are inevitable as internal reactions initially and spontaneously in most cases.

Socially the showing of anger usually regarded as tactless. In particular, in collectivist cultures such as the Chinese cause violations of harmony commandment about by showing anger to the " loss of face ". A little something about which one is disproportionately upset from a personal sensitivity out, is referred to in English as Pet Peeve.