Anny Ondra

Anny Ondra (actually Anna Sophie Ondráková; born May 15, 1902 in Tarnów, Galicia, Austria - Hungary, † 28 February 1987 in Dierstorf Heath ( Samtgemeinde Coquille ) ) was a German - Czech actress.


As the daughter of an imperial officer, she spent her childhood in Prague. At the age of 16, she played the role of slightly overwound girl. From 1919, she mainly worked with the director and actor Karel Lamač, who later became her first husband was. The film Gilly poprvé v Praze - Gilly for the first time in Prague brought her 1920 breakthrough. She rose to become the leading comedian of Czech film.

With the films Eve's Daughters (1928) and Sinful and Sweet (1929 ) they conquered the German audience. Directed by Alfred Hitchcock in 1929 was followed by the films The Man from the Isle of Man (The Manxman ) and Blackmail ( ). She was about Hitchcock's first " blond killer ". Extortion was started as a silent film; in the course of production, it was decided, however, to make him the first English sound film. Since Ondrás English was not good, but Hitchcock did not want to renounce it as an actress, he let synchronize their part of the British actress Joan Barry. Thus Joan Barry became the first voice actress Anny Ondra and the first foreign language synchronized actress in film history, the synchronization in an unusual way was made: Ondra 's lips moved, Barry said outside the image the text.

In 1930 she founded with Karel Lamač in Germany the Ondra - Lamač film company, which existed until 1936. Your first or spoken sound film role she starred opposite Sigi Arno in The from fairground ( 1930). After Karel Lamač had left Germany, she played only individual roles and retired in the 1950s to private life.

On July 6, 1933, they married in Bad Saarow the three years his junior boxer Max Schmeling, with whom she (1935 ) appeared together in the film Knock -out. Schmeling had acquired in Bad Saarow 1933, the summer home of the Nazis who fled into exile Expressionist painter Bruno Krauskopf.

As a result of a car accident Anny Ondra had a miscarriage. It should be her only pregnancy, the couple remained childless.

Anny Ondra died on 28 February 1987 and was buried at the cemetery in Coquille near the Harburg district of Hamburg. Next to her in 2005 also found Max Schmeling his final resting place.

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