Anosy Region

Anosy is one of the 25 regions of Madagascar. It belongs to the province of Toliara in the south east of the island. It is bordered on the west by Androy, to the east by Atsimo - Atsinanana and to the north by Ihorombe.


The capital is Tolagnaro (formerly Fort -Dauphin ) with 39,000 inhabitants ( 2001). Anosy has about 544 200 inhabitants ( 2004), the surface area is 25,731 km ².

Administrative divisions

The region is divided into three districts:

  • Betroka
  • Tolanaro

Nature Reserves

  • The National Park Andohahela is located about 40 km northwest of Fort- Dauphin.
  • The Nature Reserve Cap Sainte Marie is located 63 km south of Tsihombe (230 km south of Fort -Dauphin )