Ansan ( Kor. 안산 ) is a city in the South Korean province of Gyeonggi -do. It is located southwest of the capital, Seoul, and is connected among other things by the Seoul Subway Line 4 with this. In addition, it is located south Incheon, which as Seoul is independent of the province, as well as west of the provincial capital of Suwon.

Ansan is located along the coast of the Yellow Sea, called the West Sea in Korea. Numerous islands are located in the administrative area of ​​the city, of which the most famous and largest Daebudo.

There are several universities in Ansan, including the Ansan College, Ansan, the College of Technology, the Seoul Institute of the Arts and a campus of Hanyang University.

In Ansan is currently the largest turbine tidal power plant in the world Sihwa -ho.

Due to many ethnic Korean immigrants from Yuzhno- Sakhalinsk Ansan carries with it a town twinning.


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