Anselm Ahlfors

Anselm Ahlfors ( born December 29, 1897 in Kotka, † August 13, 1974 in Jyväskylä ) was a Finnish wrestler and winner of an Olympic silver medal in wrestling in 1924 in Paris.


Anselm Ahlfors comes from Kotka and began as a teenager with the rings. He became a member of the sports club Kotkan Riento, who belonged to the Finnish Workers' Sports Federation ( TUL). Anselm wrestled exclusively in the Greco- Roman style. In 1921 he became the first Finnish featherweight champion ( TUL). In 1924 he moved to Helsingin Kisa - Veikot and 1927 to Jyväskylä Voimailijat, Ringer clubs that the National Wrestling Federation, which was affiliated to the World Federation belonged.

1924 began his international career wrestler when he was in Paris bantamweight in the Greco-Roman style won the silver medal at the Olympics. After five victories over tough opponents he lost it in the final against Eduard Pütsep from Estonia.

In 1928 in Amsterdam, the second part of Anselm in the Olympic Games. But this time he was not as successful as four years earlier. Although he won his first two fights, but then lost to Giovanni Gozzi from Italy and Odon Zombori from Hungary and landed on the 8th Place.

At other international championships Anselm did not participate.

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