Ansett Australia

Melbourne Airport, Kingsford Smith International Airport Sydney

Ansett Australia was an Australian airline based in Melbourne and a member of the airline alliance Star Alliance. She has filed bankruptcy in 2001 and subsequently ceased operations.

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Early years

1931 founded the Australian Reginald Ansett a transport company and started with bus and truck journeys in Victoria. In 1936, he created the new airline as Ansett Airways Pty. Ltd., which started soon operate flights between Melbourne and Hamilton with a Fokker Universal. In the following time Ansett bought up many smaller airlines. After the Second World War Ansett was disadvantaged by the two- airline strategy ( Two Airlines Policy) of the Australian Government and consequently invested more in the ship and hotel sector. This changed on 4 October 1957 when Ansett was allowed to buy up the existing main competitors ANA, the Australian National Airways. After that dominated Ansett together with the suppliers of the state TAA intra- Australian passenger traffic. The merger with ANA remained until 1969 by the name of Ansett -ANA visible, then the name Ansett Australia was chosen and further acquired smaller companies and some continue to operate as subsidiaries. The older, but cheap aircraft Vickers Viscount and Lockheed L -188 Electra were used, because Ansett initially remained financially weakened by the takeover.

The Jet Age

The Boeing 727 was from November 1964 Ansetts first jet. In addition to Australia and Port Moresby was a central focus of Ansett use in the former Trust Territory of New Guinea. 1981 appointed to an entirely new fleet and a Boeing 767 and Boeing 737

After the deregulation of the air passenger market by 1990, the airlines East - West Airlines, Ansett WA and Ansett Express have been merged into Ansett Australia, which it recorded two years, the first international flights, such as Hong Kong. International expansion was carefully and slowly, now that they penetrated into a business field in which only Qantas Airways previously held.

Since March 1999, Ansett Australia was a member of the airline alliance Star Alliance.

In February 2000, the previously acquired a 50 % stake in Ansett Australia Air New Zealand took over from the News Corporation, the previously remaining there 50 % of the shares.


Log In September 2001, Ansett Australia had to insolvency and presented soon after the flight operations - including Ansett Australia was affected by the decline in passengers due to the terrorist attacks of 11 September and made ​​the meantime daily 800.000 euro loss. For these reasons, the management was transferred to PricewaterhouseCoopers before the air traffic on September 14 ended on 13 September 2001. This created a chaotic situation in Australia at the airports, as almost all flights of the airline were canceled and it initially was no substitute for these passengers. Finally, the remaining Australian airlines were able to compensate for the lack of capacity by chartered aircraft. This undertaking was an enormous effort, since Ansett Australia had the domestic air traffic dominated before. Several rescue attempts failed. Also the Ansett terminal at Kingsford Smith International Airport in Sydney had to be sold. The proceeds were used to repay the debt of the parent company of Ansett Australia.

Today many aircraft the company may be mothballed aircraft on cemeteries in Arizona. The parent company Ansett still has to contend with the debts of their former airline.

Time line


Ansett Australia operated last numerous destinations within Australia, for example, Alice Springs, Brisbane and Hobart, and also led flights to Asian destinations through, including Shanghai, Osaka and Seoul.


Last operated fleet

At the time of the air services for the fleet of Ansett Australia consisted of 77 aircraft:

  • 20 Airbus A320 -200
  • 18 BAe 146-200
  • 01 Boeing 727- 200F ( freighter )
  • 23 Boeing 737-300
  • 02 Boeing 747-400
  • 09 Boeing 767-200
  • 04 Boeing 767-300

All machines possessed with Business and Economy via two classes of travel. In addition, by several airlines, including Skywest Airlines and Aeropelican Air Services, done with smaller aircraft and regional feeder flights for Ansett Australia.

Naval History === ===

  • Boeing 747-300
  • Bristol 170
  • Convair CV 340
  • Convair CV 440
  • Douglas DC-3
  • Douglas DC-4
  • Douglas DC-6
  • Douglas DC-9
  • Fokker F-27
  • Fokker F-28
  • Lockheed L -188 Electra
  • Vickers Viscount


  • On November 30, 1961 Vickers Viscount crashed shortly after taking off from Kingsford Smith Airport in Sydney due to structural failure in the sea, and all 15 people were on board lost their lives.
  • On September 22, 1966 crashed again a Vickers Viscount at Winton from when a fire broke out on board. All 21 people on board died in the accident.