Ansgar Wessling

Ansgar Wessling ( May 3, 1961 in Essen ) is a retired German rower. He took part in the 1988 and 1992 Olympic Games and 1988 Olympic champion.

Ansgar Wessling rowed for the rowing team TVK food. He began 1974 with the rowing, but was active in the Leichtgewichtsruderern, 1983, he won together with Henning Schädla in the coxless pairs. In 1984 he was in the coxless four second at the World Championships in Montreal. Only in 1985 moved Wessling finally to heavyweight rowing and was in the first year along with Frank Evers German champion coxless pairs. 1987 drove Wessling as a substitute rowers to the world championships. 1988 Wessling then rowed to the first time in Germany aft under coach Ralf Holt Meyer. In the occupation of Wolfgang Maennig, Thomas Möllenkamp, Matthias Mellinghaus, Eckhardt Schultz, Ansgar Wessling, Armin Eichholz, Thomas Domian, batsman Bahne Rabe and helmsman Manfred Klein aft won at the Olympic Games in Seoul gold.

1989 at the World Rowing Championships in Bled were only Wessling and small left over from the gold - Aft 1988. In the occupation Jörg Puttlitz, Norbert Kesslau, Martin Steffes - Mies, Dirk Balster, Frank Dietrich, Marc masonry, Ansgar Wessling, Roland Baar and Manfred Klein of Germany won eight of eight from the GDR. 1990 retired from Wessling also from the back and rowed in the four with coxswain, with whom he was at the World Championships in Tasmania second behind the boat from the GDR. Wessling 1991, he returned back to the eighth. At the World Championships in Vienna Martin Steffes - Mies, Dirk Balster, Claas -Peter Fischer, Jürgen Hecht, Thorsten Streppelhoff, Marc masonry, Ansgar Wessling, Roland Baar and Manfred Klein won for the third consecutive world title, with Steffes - Mies, Balster, Baar and Klein were in all three victories there. At the end of his career Wessling took part in the 1992 Olympic Games, there won the bronze behind Germany aft Canada and Romania.

Ansgar Wessling is a professional opticians and hearing aid. His company hearing Wessling has seven branches in Essen.