Anthony M. Frank

Anthony Melchior Frank (* 1931 in Berlin, Germany ) was 1988-1992 Postmaster General of the United States.

Frank emigrated in 1937 to the United States. His family fled the Holocaust and got a visa with the guarantee of Uncle Frank Bruno Frank, a prominent author in Germany, who emigrated to Hollywood to work in the cinema. Frank attended Hollywood High School. He then graduated from Dartmouth College. Then he married in 1954 Gay Palmer with whom he has two children together, Tracy and Randall.

After twenty-five years as a leader in the business industry, he retired from the post of Chairman and Managing Director of First Nationwide Financial Corporation to assume the post of Postmaster General.

Frank made ​​a guest appearance on the television series "Murder, She Wrote" in the last episode of the seventh season ( The Skinny According to Nick Cullhane ), where he played Jessica Fletcher postman. In the credits, he was listed as " and Postmaster General ANTHONY FRANK as The Mailman ". The result was sent on 12 May 1991, is also available on DVD. Furthermore, Frank took a teaser for the sitcom Cheers on, in which Cliff ( the drunken postman ) dozes off and looks like secret agent Frank escort to the bar to give as a carrier of the year Cliff the " Golden Mailbag ". Then Carla woke him up again.