Anthony Maglica

Anthony Maglica (* 1930 in New York City ) is an American inventor. It produces the Mag-lite flashlights.

During the " Great Depression " decided his mother to return to their homeland Yugoslavia. Anthony, should grow up in the narrow circle of the family.

After the Second World War, Anthony decided in 1950 to leave the economically ailing Yugoslavia and to go back to America. Without adequate language skills, he worked as a machinist and learned English.

In his spare time he worked for himself, where he scored a high savings rate. With $ 125 savings he opened a garage in Los Angeles his own machine shop and experimented a lot there.

He began to produce machine parts for industrial, aerospace, and also for the military. In 1974 he founded Mag Instrument Inc. for innovative products. This is where the popular Torch series was Maglite.

  • Inventor
  • Americans
  • Born in 1930
  • Man