Anthony Steffen

Anthony Steffen ( born July 21, 1929 in Rome, Italy, † June 4, 2004 in Rio de Janeiro; actually Antonio Luis de Tefé of Hoonholtz, sometimes Antonio De Tefé ) was a Brazilian actor, often in spaghetti westerns.


Steffen was born the son of a Brazilian diplomat in Rome, fought during the 2nd World War on the side of Italian partisans against the Germans and finally began in the 50s, his film career as a production manager and assistant director before becoming one of the most booked stars of the Italo - Western was (26 films). After the boom of the genre, he has attracted Steffen, who in the home of his family, Brazil, declined in the late 1970s. After a long cancer Steffen died in June 2004.


Steffen played in his spaghetti westerns mostly the usual in this genre Avengers, but with a clear emphasis on the suffering and humiliation that has a ' Loner ' to cope and survive. He provided his roles with a unique intensity. With many films, among others, at his best as traded, Django and the gang of bloodhounds ( Django il bastardo ), Steffen was also involved as a screenwriter and producer.

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