Antje Zöllkau

Antje Kempe, from 1984 married Zöllkau, ( born June 23, 1963 in Saalfeld / Saale) is a former German athlete who had - starting for the GDR - at the European Championships in 1982 won the silver medal in the javelin.


She won silver in 1981 ( 60.60 m) at the Athletics Junior Championships. Second, it was also a year later at the European Championships in 1982 in Athens ( 65.12 to 67.94 m - 62.08 to 58.92 - 57.10 to 57.42 ). On May 22, 1983, she presented in Sofia with 71,00 m a DDR record, surpassing the first German woman the 70 -meter mark (world record at that time: 74,20 m, Sofia Sakorafa, Greece). At the World Championships 1983 in Helsinki it was Eleventh ( 58.82 m) and at the European Cup in 1983 Second. Your personal best of 72.16 meters, it achieved in 1984.

The East German champion in 1983 started for the SC Motor Jena and later for the OSC Berlin. After the turn she appeared as early as 1990 for the MTG Mannheim. In her playing days, she was 1.72 m tall and 71 kg. In the becoming public knowledge after the fall of documents to the state doping in the GDR was found in the doped athletes also the name of Kempe. Together with Helge Zöllkau she has a son.

In 1984 she was awarded the Patriotic Order of Merit in silver.