Anton Door

Anton Door ( born June 20, 1833 in Vienna, † November 7, 1919 ) was a concert pianist.

Anton Door studied with Carl Czerny piano and was taught in the theory of Simon Sechter. From 1850 he undertook concert tours that took him to Italy and Germany. In Stockholm, he was appointed as a member of the Royal Academy and was appointed Court Pianist. He then taught a decade at the Moscow Conservatory and moved in 1868 to Vienna, where he taught until 1901 at the Conservatory of the Society of Friends of Music. Here he found the entrance to the circle of friends of Johannes Brahms and was in particular an early music. Had Door can some success as a soloist at a young age, so he gave his solo career in 1869 after the appointment to the Vienna Conservatory completely. He was less known as a teacher of inspirational character and interpretations, as for its focus on technology.