Anton Durcovici

Anton Durcovici ( born May 17, 1888 in Bad German -Altenburg, Austria, † December 10, 1951 in Sighet prison ) was a Roman Catholic Bishop of Iaşi ( Jassy ), between 1948-1949 also Apostolic Administrator of the Archdiocese of Bucharest.


When Anton Durcovici was six, his family moved from Bad German -Altenburg to Jassy in Romania. Durcovici attended from 1898 to 1906, the Seminary of St. Joseph in Bucharest and studied from 1906 to 1911 at the Pontifical Urban University in Rome. The ordination to the priesthood took place on September 24, 1910 in the Basilica di San Giovanni in Laterano. Back home after years in the community pastoral he was Vicar General of the Archbishop, was chancellor and professor at the Seminary of St. Joseph in Bucharest.

On October 30, 1947, he was called by Pope Pius XII. appointed diocesan bishop of Jassy and on April 5, 1948 consecrated by the Apostolic Nuncio, Archbishop Gerald Patrick O'Hara. Co-consecrators were the Archbishop of Bucharest Alexandru Theodor Cisar and Bishop Marcu Glaser, the Apostolic Administrator of Jassy. The ceremonial enthronement in the Cathedral " Assumption " in Jassy was held on 14 April 1948.

On June 26, 1949 Bishop Durcovici was arrested by the communist state police, the Securitate. In the night of 10 to 11 December 1951, he died in prison of Sighet from the effects of hunger and malnutrition.


A process for his beatification was introduced in 1997. On October 31, 2013 Francis Pope signed the decree, is recognized by the Anton Durcovici as martyrs.