Anton Kolm

Gustav Anton Kolm ( born October 12, 1865 in Vienna, Austria Empire, † October 11, 1922 in Vienna, Austria ) was an Austrian photographer who became known as one of the first film directors and producers in the Austrian film history.


From 1906, the skilled photographer some short films made ​​privately to already, but they were not intended for the cinema. In his work in building out he teamed up with Jacob Fleck and his wife Luise Kolm 1910, the first Austrian movie industry, which was renamed a year later in Vienna art film industry and for a long time leading production company, Austria -Hungary, and later, Austria remained. While he mainly takes care of the finances and management of the company, and actively participated in only one part of the in-house film production, his wife was responsible for the creative work.

In 1919 he founded the Vienna art film industry with his wife and financial support from the Deposit Bank as Vita- new movie. Immediately the Rose Hill studios began with the establishment that were playable before the full completion in 1923. This film production company produced there among other major projects and epics like " Samson and Delilah " (1922 ), but did in 1924, like many other European film production company because of the enormous competition from American films at this time broke.

Anton Kolm had with Luise a son, Walter Kolm - Veltée, which was active even in the movie business and among other einrichtete a Film Academy at the University of Vienna.

He is buried in an honorary grave dedicated to the Ober Sankt Veit Cemetery ( Group C, row 1, number 1) in Vienna, as well as Luise ( Aloisia ) Kolm, Walter Kolm, Jacob Fleck, Louis and Johanna Veltee.


In addition to his directing and producers work he is also responsible for numerous (short ) documentaries and newsreels.

As a director:

As a producer: