Anton Shkaplerov

Anton Nikolaevich Shkaplerov (Russian Антон Николаевич Шкаплеров; born February 20, 1972 in Sevastopol, Crimea, Ukrainian SSR ) is a Russian cosmonaut.

Military training

As early as 1989 ended Shkaplerov be successful training in a Yak- 52 of the Sevastopol Aviation Association. After graduating from high school in the same year he began his studies at the Higher Military Aviator Pilot School Chernigov and graduated in 1994 at the Military Aviation School in Katschinsk as a pilot engineer from. Subsequently, he studied until 1997 at the Military Academy of Engineers of the Air Force in Moscow. He then served as a senior instructor in the aerobatic group the Russian Air Force in Kubinka, where he flew the trainer aircraft Yak- 52 and Aero L - 39 as well as the multi-purpose fighter aircraft MiG -29. He also is an instructor in the skydiving and itself has more than 300 jumps completed.

Shkaplerov has held the rank of colonel of the Russian Air Force.

Spaceman activity

On 29 May 2003 Shkaplerov was selected as the pilot of the Russian Air Force, his Cosmonaut basic training at the Gagarin Cosmonaut Training Center, he completed in June 2005 as a test cosmonaut from. From April to October 2007, he served as director of operations of the Russian space agency Roskosmos at the Johnson Space Center in Houston, Texas. He then trained for an extended stay aboard the International Space Station, including he was substitute for Oleg Kotov and Alexander Samokutajew as commander of the spacecraft Soyuz TMA -17 and Soyuz TMA -21 to the ISS.

Shkaplerov was Flight Engineer of ISS Expeditions 29 and 30, he started on 14 November 2011 together with Anatoly Ivanishin and Daniel Burbank as commander of the spaceship Soyuz TMA -22 to the ISS and landed again on April 27, 2012. On 16 February 2012, took Shkaplerov together with Oleg Kononenko a spacewalk. To prepare for the replacement of Pirs by the new research module Nauka early 2014, enabled the cosmonauts with the crane Strela -2 crane Strela -1 to the opposite largely identical module Poisk.

Shkaplerov is nominated as a board engineer for the ISS Expeditions 42 and 43.


Anton Shkaplerov is married and has two daughters. His hobbies are sports, traveling, fishing and golf.