Anton von Aretin

Anton Freiherr von Aretino ( born August 15, 1918 in Munich, † June 12, 1981 in Alder Brook, Lower Bavaria ) was a German politician of the Bavarian Party (BP).


From Aretino was the son of the chief editor of the then dominant local newspaper in Munich Latest News, Erwein Freiherr von Aretino (1887-1952) and Countess Maria Anna of Belcredi ( 1888-1968 ). He had three younger brothers: Sebastian (1921-1945), the historian Karl Otmar (* 1923) and the Jesuit Richard ( 1926-2006 ). He was cousin of Annette of Aretino and a Ururgroßneffe of the famous Bavarian historian and librarian Johann Christoph Freiherr von Aretino.

Life and career

After graduating from the Wilhelm Gymnasium in Munich, he studied law in Munich and Prague. From 1941 to 1946 he was living in exile in Iceland.

From 1954 he worked until his sudden death for the brewery Alder creek and made ​​a major contribution to their success. In 1969 he married the Austrian Johanna Colloredo -Mansfeld ( 1923-2010 ).


In 1946, he was first a member of the CSU. In the early summer of 1947 he moved but with Anton Donhauser and other members and officials, who were disappointed that the Schaffer - Hundhammer - wing with its genuine Bavarian State political ideas had been unable to enforce the Bayern party. In the same year he was district chairman of the Bavarian Party in Lower Bavaria.

Member of Parliament

Aretino was from 1949 to 1953 Member of the German Bundestag. There he represented the Bayern party with the Centre Party entered into a parliamentary group under the name of the Federal Union ( FU) on 14 December 1951. The Bavarian state parliament he belonged 1950 to 2 May 1951. He represented the constituency Vilshofen.