António Augusto Soares de Passos

António Augusto Soares de Passos ( born November 27, 1826 in Porto, Portugal, † February 8, 1860 Porto ) was a Portuguese poet of the Romantic period. He was a representative of the first literary Romanticism in Portugal, along with Alexandre Herculano.


Soares de Passos came from a liberal bourgeois Portuenser merchant family. As a teenager, he taught himself English and French. As an adolescent he worked for some time with his father in business. In 1849 he began studying law at the University of Coimbra, which he completed with exams in 1854, and returned in the same year returned to his hometown. There he founded with fellow students the romantic magazine " Novo Trovador ". After that, he was for a time as a lawyer in a court Portuenser and worked as a librarian. This work tired, he decided to become a freelance writer.

Mainly he wrote as O Bardo ( The Bard ) or A Grinaldo for magazines. Many of his verses were later, however, very popular. Soares de Passos was considered a misanthrope and frequented the literary salons Portuenser. In 1856 he published his only book, the poetry collection " Poesias ". It was important also for the so-called "Ultra- Romanticism" also known as " Black Romance" known. In this case, he was in Portugal with Gomes Leal comparable, a epigones of the work of Soares de Passos. His most famous, black -romantic poem was entitled " O noivado do Sepulchre " ( The engagement with the grave ). Overall, his work was characterized by pessimism and strong melancholy.

The poet Alexandre Herculano called him " the first lyric poet of Portugal this century."

Since his youth he suffered from tuberculosis; this was the illness of which he also died on February 8, 1860 at the age of 33 years.


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