Antonio Beccadelli (poet)

Called Antonio Beccadelli due to its origin from Palermo also Panormita (* 1394 in Palermo, † January 15, 1471 in Naples) was an Italian humanist.


Beccadelli studied in Siena and published in 1425 in Bologna, a Latin collection of obscene and satirical epigrams, entitled " hermaphrodite ". In 1429 he was Poet Laureate of the Duke Filippo Maria Visconti. 1434 he joined the patrons by going to court Alfonso V of Aragon and his secretary and confidential adviser was. Beccadelli promoted the dissemination of humanistic studies in Naples. He was the founder in 1458 of the still existing Accademia Pontaniana, which was developed by his pupil and successor Giovanni Pontano on. At times Beccadellis it was called portico Anthony. He wrote both a Exempelsammlung about deeds and sayings of his sponsors Alfons, the biographical trains carrying ( " De dictis et factis Alphonsi registered ") and Latin poems and letters.


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