António José de Almeida

António José de Almeida [ ɐtɔniw ʒuzɛ dɨ aɫmɐjðɐ ] ( born July 27, 1866 in Vale de Vinha, São Pedro de Alva, † October 31, 1929 in Lisbon ) was a Portuguese politician from the period of the First Republic. He was the founder of the evolutionist 's Party ( PRE), interior and finance minister of his country from 1916 to 1917 and Prime Minister from 1919 to 1923 Minister of Portugal. Among the president of the first Portuguese Republic, he was the only one who served a full term.


De Almeida was Republican ideas already in his youth supporters. As a medical student, he published the article " Braganza, the last" ( Bragança, o último ), with whom he made ​​fun of King Charles I, which earned him three months in prison. Later he went to the colonies initially to Angola then to Sao Tome, where he practiced as a doctor.

Almeida was a Mason, and in 1929 was elected Grand Master, but the office could not compete because of serious illness.