Antonio Pigafetta

Antonio Pigafetta (* 1480 in Vicenza, Vicenza † after 1534 ) was an Italian explorer and writer and was known primarily as a chronicler of the first Erdumseglung under Ferdinand Magellan.


Pigafetta was concerned with mathematics and cosmography ( cartoning, geography and astronomy). He accompanied Ferdinand Magellan on his circumnavigation of the world and described the trip in a book.

When Magellan was killed in the Philippines, which he achieved the first European in March 1521 at his interference in tribal feuds, also suffered a wound Pigafetta. 1522 Pigafetta reached the island of Timor. Although the island was discovered in 1512 by António de Abreu, Pigafetta provided the first detailed reports on Timor, where he spent 18 days. On September 8th the same year he returned to Seville. Of the five ships and more than 200 crew returned only the Nao Victoria with Pigafetta and 17 other sick, emaciated men.

Report of the circumnavigation

Probably around 1524 Pigafetta wrote down his experiences during the circumnavigation. Pigafetta "clear and precise language, which adds to the credibility of the observations in " - regardless of whether it relates to the description of the states on board or the flora and fauna on land, whether to nautical facts or the people and their customs to the visited coasts. Pigafetta 's " astonishing prejudice, even if his reports seem partly to slip into a little Fictional ".

However, the travelogue is no longer in stock, but only in early copies is available. It was revised in different ways. In the description of the circumstances of the time and the person Pigafetta can find huge differences in quality.


After the sailors of the destroyer the Regia Marina RN Antonio Pigafetta was named.