Antonio Rossellino

Antonio Rosselino, actually Gamberelli Antonio (* 1427 in Settignano, near Florence; † after 1478 probably in Florence ) was an Italian architect and sculptor. His stage name comes from his red hair.

Antonio Rosselino was the brother and pupil of the Italian sculptor Bernardo Rosselino. He was most active in Florence, where he primarily created marble tombs with many decorations.

Rosselino was one of the main Italian sculptor of the 15th century. In real bas-relief working, he made skilful use of light and shadow, moving smoothly from the sharp, high relief of the foreground to the lower facilitate removal. Such work, which seemed to break the barriers between painting and sculpture, were widespread in the 15th century.

His main works are:

  • The tomb of the Beato Marcolino (Forlì, Civic Museums )
  • The tomb of Cardinal John of Portugal (Florence, San Miniato)
  • Piccolomini altar of the chapel in the church of Sant'Anna dei Lombardi in Naples
  • Saint Sebastian ( Empoli).

Giorgio Vasari him and his brother Bernardo described in the second part of his biographies.

Pictures of Antonio Rossellino