Antti Hyry

Antti Hyry (born 20 October 1931 in Kuivaniemi, Northern Ostrobothnia ) is a Finnish writer.

Hyry was born in 1931 in northern Finland. After studying engineering, he began in 1958 with the publication of stories and novels, which often reflect the time of childhood and early youth, and are characterized by an almost photo-realistic, documentary accuracy in the depiction of everyday events unexcited. 2009 received Hyry with the Finlandia Prize for the novel Uuni the most renowned Finnish Literature Prize.

He is married with Maija Hyry.

Awards (selection)

Works on German

  • Stories, customary. v. Manfred Peter Hein. Suhrkamp, Frankfurt am Main 1965
  • Father and son, Roman, customary. Rudolf v. Semrau. Hinstorff, Rostock 1977
  • At home, customary. v. Joseph Guggenmos. Klett- Cotta, Stuttgart 1980