Antwaan Randle El

  • Super Bowl XL
  • All-Pro team (2005)
  • The only wide receiver in a Super Bowl ever threw a touchdown
  • The highest career quarterback rating of all time ( 157.5, 12 /2010)

Antwaan Randle El ( born August 17, 1979 in Riverdale, Illinois ) is a former American professional American football players of the Pittsburgh Steelers in the National Football League ( NFL). The 1.78 meter tall Randle El plays nominally the position of Wide Receiver, but is often used for trick plays as a quarterback.


Randle El was in his youth a gifted athlete who played like his two brothers both American football and baseball and basketball. He suggested an offer from the Chicago Cubs to have obligate in 1997 for one of their farm teams, and was instead on the Hoosiers of Indiana University of starting quarterback. There was noticeable that Randle El was not only a gifted passer, but also with the Football run (English: rush ) and passports could catch like a wide receiver.

In the 2002 NFL Draft Randle El has been committed by the Pittsburgh Steelers at 62 point and initially used only as a punt returner and kick returner. He highlighted three return touchdowns and played as much in the hierarchy of the Steelers high that it was used sporadically from 2004 and from 2005 a full-time wide receiver. Due to his experience as a quarterback, he was employed in various trick play trains with the -budgetary quarterback Ben Roethlisberger gave him the football and Randle El did throw. This confusing for opponents turn was used in Super Bowl XL against the Seattle Seahawks in which Roethlisberger set a block for Randle El and completed one 43- yard touchdown pass to Hines Ward. This Randle El became the first ( and to date (2010) only ) Wide Receiver of Super Bowl history, who threw a touchdown pass.

In 2006, Randle Els contract was not renewed, so he moved to the Washington Redskins. There he played both wide receiver and punt returner. During this time he began eight touchdowns and threw himself two, but despite Karrierebestwerten in Receiving (2007: 728 yards) did not prevent the Redskins got stuck in mediocrity. 2010 Randle El was brought back to Pittsburgh. With the Steelers, he reached the Super Bowl XLV, but subject to the Green Bay Packers. After the Steelers in 2011 failed in the first round to the Denver Broncos, Randle El announced his resignation.

Performance as a quarterback

Randle El was one of the few NFL players who could play quarterback, even though they nominally had another field position. This talent he used for trick moves, in which the actual quarterback can throw him. In his NFL career, Randle El attempted 27 passes, 22 of them arrived, in which he scored 323 Yards space gain, six touchdowns throwing and no interception suffered so that it of with a career quarterback rating of 156.1, close to the maximum rating 158.3 is.

The Steelers have a tradition to include former college quarterbacks in trick plays. In addition to Randle El have the wide receiver Hines Ward and Arnaz Battle throwing experience, and backup quarterback Dennis Dixon is sporadically used as a wide receiver. On demand Randle El said that he himself as "too small" (1.78 meters) feels to be starting quarterback, and prefer " a good wide receiver " than a " mediocre quarterback ."

Private life

Randle El has been married to his wife Jaune, with whom he had five children. He is a child of Jacqueline and Curtis Randle El, and has two brothers named Curtis Jr. and Marcus, who also played at college level football.