Anuţa Cătună

Anuta Cătună ( born October 1, 1968 in Lunca Ilvei, district Bistrita-Nasaud ) is a Romanian long-distance runner.

My first big success were victories at Leipzig Marathon in 1991 and the La Rochelle Marathon 1993.

In 1994 she was second in the Marrakech Marathon and fifth in the marathon of the European Athletics Championships in 1994. Was followed by a third place finish at the World Half Marathon Championships in Oslo and a fourth place at the New York City Marathon.

In the next two years, they celebrated their greatest triumphs when she was second in the Lisbon Half Marathon, the last edition of the IAAF World Cup marathon, won the marathon of the World Athletics Championships 1995 in Gothenburg on a 400 m short track in 2: 26:25 h took the silver medal, again won bronze at the world Half Marathon Championships in Belfort and a year later at the New York City Marathon won in 2:28:18 h.

At the World Athletics Championships 1997 in Athens, she was in the Eleventh and Fourth New York Marathon. In 1998, she finished the Boston Marathon in 2000 the third and fourth place.

In 2003, she was third at the Twin Cities Marathon, 2004, she was second in the Rock ' n ' Roll Arizona Marathon, winner of the Country Music Marathon and fifth at the Rock 'n ' Roll Marathon.

Personal Best