Anya Marina

Anya Marina ( * in Ann Arbor, Michigan) is an American singer- songwriter.


From her native Michigan Marina originally went to California to break into the film business. After two minor roles, she moved but as a presenter at a radio station in San Diego. She also worked on a music career, which led to their debut album, Miss Halfway 2004. The album itself did not have a great success, but you become aware of her and she wore several songs on the soundtrack of the television series Grey's Anatomy. This in turn led to a proper record deal with Chop Shop Records.

As a full-time musician, she worked then on her second album Slow & Steady Seduction, which was published in 2009. With the song Whatever You Like she had a first chart hit, which came in the Heatseeker chart at # 4.

She also wrote the song "Satellite Heart" for the soundtrack of "New Moon"



  • Whatever You Like (2009)
  • All The Same To Me (2009)


  • Miss Halfway (2004)
  • Slow & Steady Seduction: Phase II ( 2009)
  • Felony Flats ( 2012)