Anyang (Chinese安阳 市/安阳 市, pinyin Anyang shì ) is a prefecture-level city on the north end of China's Henan province. The city has approximately 5.25 million inhabitants, of whom 782 167 (1 Jan 2005) in the three districts Beiguan, Wenfeng and Yindu, the actual downtown. The old name is Zhangde (彰德). In the north- west of the city lies Yinxu (殷墟, the " Ruins of Yin " ), the BCE was the capital of the Shang dynasty in the 14th to 11th century and was included in the UNESCO list of world heritage in 2006. During the excavations since 1928, among other things, the oracle bones were found on which preforms of Chinese writing are.


The prefecture-level city located in the lowlands 500 km southwest of Beijing and covers 7413 km ². The average temperature is 13.6 ° C.

Anyang is made up of four city districts, four counties and one independent city together:

  • Municipality Beiguan (北 关 区), seat of city government;
  • Municipality Wenfeng (文峰 区);
  • Municipality Yindu (殷 都 区);
  • Municipality Long'an (龙 安 区);
  • Anyang county (安阳 县);
  • Circle Tangyin (汤阴县);
  • Circle Hua (滑县);
  • Circle Neihuang (内黄县);
  • Linzhou City (林 州市).


Sons and daughters of the town