Anzano del Parco

Anzano del Parco is a municipality with 1781 inhabitants ( 31 December 2012) in the Italian province of Como in the Lombardy region. It lies about 35 km north of Milan and about eleven kilometers south-east of Como in the northwestern part of Brianza, in the hills south of Lake Alserio. The municipality is part of the Regional Park of the Lambro Valley.

Anzano del Parco borders Alserio, Alzate Brianza, Lurago d' Erba, Monguzzo and Orsenigo.


The territory was inhabited in prehistoric times by the Golasecca culture. In Roman times there was a settlement, which is testified inter alia by some graves that were discovered in 1878 during excavations at the border with Orsenigo. These have been dated to the period 300 to 200 BC.

In the Middle Ages the town was first mentioned in 920 in a document. Anzano belonged to the Counts of Martesana and was fortified in the 10th century with a castle, the tower has been preserved.

In the 15th century Anzano was given by the Visconti of Milan as a fief to the Dal Verme family. This was followed in 1656 to Count Claudio Giussani from Lurag, and in the 17th century to the family Carcano, which allowed to create a villa with park.


In Anzano craft and industrial enterprises, especially in the areas of clothing, furniture and building materials are located. In addition, the area is used for agriculture. Some artisans the traditional craft of weaving is still practiced bins.

Culture and sights

  • Villa Carcano - The neo-classical mansion was 1795-1797 by the acting in Italy Austrian architect Leopold Pollack (1751 - 1806) built, and is surrounded by a large park in the English style, after which the community is named. Within the park is a small lake.
  • Chiesa di San Michele - The parish church was consecrated in 1562.
  • Church of the Addolorata - This small single-nave church was built around 1749.
  • Cappella del Lazzaretto - The prayer chapel was built in 1575-1576 during a plague epidemic in the vicinity of a hospital.

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