Anze County

The circle Anze (安泽 县, Anze Xiàn ) is the district of the city of Linfen in Shanxi Province, China. It has an area of 1961 km ² and has a population of 80,000 ( 2004). Its main town is the large village Fucheng (府 城镇).

Community structure

At the community level, the circuit is composed of four large municipalities and three municipalities. These are:

  • Greater community Fucheng府 城镇
  • Greater community Hechuan和 川镇
  • Greater community Tangcheng唐 城镇
  • Greater community Jishi冀 氏 镇
  • Mabi community马 必 乡
  • Community Shecun杜 村乡
  • Community Liangma良 马 乡