The AOB acronym stands for:

  • Academic Orchestra Basel
  • Academic Orchestra of Berlin
  • Analysis and optimization of operation
  • Annals of Botany
  • Annaberg ( IATA code of the airport in Papua New Guinea)
  • Antyfaszystowska Organizacja Bojowa, an anti - fascist underground organization was formed in the ghetto of Białystok
  • Working Group orientation and education aid Berlin eV

The AoB acronym stands for:

  • Ace of Base, a popular in the 1990s Swedish pop group

The Aob acronym stands for:

  • Any other business, and can often be found at the end of an English agenda or agenda and corresponds to the item " Miscellaneous " in the German language
  • Accessory olfactory bulb, see olfactory bulb

The aob stands for:

  • Audio Objects, a file extension
  • Disambiguation
  • Abbreviation