Apache Jackrabbit

Apache Jackrabbit is a free content repository for the Java platform. The Jackrabbit project started in February 2003 as the reference implementation for JSR- 170. In August 2004, the project as an Apache Incubator project has been accepted by the Apache Software Foundation, renamed to " Jack Rabbit" in September 2004. The project was promoted from 15 March 2006 by the Apache Incubator to become top-level project of the Apache Software Foundation.

The Java Content Repository specifies an API for application developers (and application systems ), which is equipped with modern content repositories that offer editorial services, used for interaction ( such as search, versioning, transactions).


  • Fine or coarse access control of content
  • Hierarchical content
  • Structured content
  • Primary types of nodes, additional mixin types
  • Category properties - text, number, date
  • Binary properties
  • XPath queries
  • SQL queries
  • Unstructured content
  • Import and Export
  • Referential integrity
  • Access control
  • Versioning
  • JTA support
  • Monitoring
  • Data lock
  • Clustering
  • Different persistence models to choose from

Pictures of Apache Jackrabbit