Apache Railway

The Apache Railway ( AAR reporting mark APA) is an American local railway company in Arizona. The company, based in Snowflake has approximately 31 employees and operates a 88 km long railway line between Holbrook and Snowflake. In Holbrook, there is a transition to the BNSF Railway.

The fleet of Apache Railway consists of four ALCO C -420 and three MLW C- 424. Most important transport goods are wood, wood and paper products, chemicals and grain. Approximately 16,000 carloads transported annually.


The Company was incorporated on 6 September 1917. The owner of the company, the forestry company Southwest Lumber Mills opened up with the construction of the 116 -kilometer railway line to from Holbrook to Snowflake and McNary the woods in the area of the Apache - Sitgreaves National Forest.

Construction began on 1 October 1917 and in March 1918, the first tracks were laid. On 6 September 1918, the route Snowflake and on April 5, 1919 McNary reached. The final completion was July 1, 1920. The Apache Railway was classified as a Class II railroad. From the railway line from the forest railway tracks of the Southwest Forest Industries led into the woods. The company also built a paper mill at Snowflake. The transport links this factory is largely through Apache Railway.

In the years 1931 to 1936 the company was in receivership. The passenger was stopped at the end of the 1950s. Under the name " White Mountain Scenic Railroad " a tourist railway was operated with steam locomotives on the route between Holbrook and Maverick 1964-1976. 1984, the distance between Snowflake and McNary was shut down.

1987 SWFI was acquired by the Stone Container Corporation. 1999 acquired the Canadian company Abitibi Consolidated paper mill and the Apache Railway and sold both from 2008 to the Group Catalyst Paper continues.