ApaI was a small Belgian car factory. Meanwhile, the company has changed its manufacturing and produces luxury bathroom. The brand " Apa " has been taken over by a German company.

Application polyester Armé de Liège s.à.r.l. (1961-1998)

Fiberglass specialist Edmond Pery founded the automotive manufactory in Blegny Trembleur ( Liege ) in 1961. Pery presented its first model, a GT coupe with gullwing doors, powered by Volkswagen and Porsche engines, at the Brussels Motor Show 1962.

1965 Apal started manufacturing a Formula Vee - single-seater.

Between 1968 and 1973 around 5000 fiberglass bodies were produced for different buggies, about the Apal Buggy, the ApaI Rancho, the Apal Jet, the ApaI Avvi, the Apal Corsa ( with double doors ) and the Apal Horizon.

The most successful model was the Apal Speedster, a replica of the Porsche 356, based on a shortened VW Beetle chassis. 700 Speedster were built from 1981 to 1994.

The last model, the Apal Sport One, based on the Pontiac Fiero and was introduced in 1992.

Edmond Pery also designed an all-wheel prototype for DAF in 1974 and another prototype for Volkswagen 1992.

Apal GmbH, Germany (since 1998)

The Belgian company was closed in 1998. Apal GmbH, a German company from Ostercappeln, acquired all the parts and began the production of the Apal Speedster.

2006, the company finished the production of complete vehicles, because the licensing requirements after the expiry of the VW Beetle production constitute significant obstacles to, and since then is limited to the sale of kits and spare parts.

License models

In 1998, the businessmen and companies owner Laurent Skrzypczak and Olivier Baudouin acquired the French automobile manufacturer PGO Automobiles from Saint- Christol- lès- Alès. With the acquisition of the company's licenses Apal Speedster were transferred to the newly acquired company. Since there model name of Speedster, however, was already occupied by a Cobra replica, whose development went back to the previous owner, they built the model there from 1998 to 2004 under the name PGO 356 Classic. As an official, but in fact an indirect successor, therefore the available since 2002 PGO Speedster II can be considered.