Aperture (Software)

Aperture (English " iris ", " aperture " ) is a program for Mac OS X from Apple, which was presented on 19 October 2005 at the PhotoPlus Expo in New York. It was developed especially for photographers and aims to provide a quick and easy handling of image files. The aim of the application is to optimize the workflow during post (Digital Workflow). Apple Introduces Aperture is a post -production tool that specializes in the management and efficient correction of digital negatives. All corrections made ​​to the data, based on the RAW data from the camera.

The aim is to make the handling of RAW files as easy and intuitive as JPEG files. The current version supports not only popular RAW formats (. ARW. CR2. CRW. MOS. NEF. RAF. RAW. SRW. TIF,. OLY. FFF, .3 FR and. DNG) also continuous still image formats (JPEG, GIF, TIFF, PNG, PDF and PSD).

In addition, pay for all the effects built into Mac OS X Core Image applies. This permits from the computer generation Power Mac G5 very fast image calculations, since they are endorsed by the graphics card and not as usual by the CPU.

The software is non-destructive, which means that the original file is not changed and only the processing steps are recorded separately from the original file. Changes can therefore be quickly reversed, and the risk to overwrite the original file by accidentally saving is reduced. Aperture is supplied in an English version since the end of November 2005. Version 1.5 can be in addition to managing the images in a separate database, the referenced management on the file system and other media.

On 12 February 2008 the second version of Aperture was presented. Among the new features included, among other things, a clearly structured user interface, higher speed and more image editing options.

On 9 February 2010 the third version of Aperture was presented. Innovations have included an automatic recognition of faces, locating and marking of photos on maps ( Geotagging ) and lossless editing photos with brushes and extensive new filter and image processing functions. In addition, the new version of 64 -bit operating systems, which allows larger memory especially on multi-core processors to work more efficiently supported.

Since October 22, 2013 Version 3.5 of Aperture is available. New features include the iCloud photo sharing, integration of SmugMug and supporting the iOS 7- camera filters.

Plug -ins

Since version 2.1 Aperture also supports plug - ins from third-party manufacturers and brings even a plug-in with: From Aperture 2.1 you can at photos of the plug-in " Dodge & Burn " like in a dark, inter alia, certain areas of the image to lighten or darken. . More plug-ins provides, inter alia, the company with the graphics filters Nik Silver Efex Pro, Dfine, Viveza, Color Efex Pro, Sharpener Pro and HDR Efex Pro.