Aphrodite (musician)

Aphrodite (short Aphro ) is the stage name of the English DJ and producer Gavin King.


Gavin King began his music career in the summer of 1988, amidst the acid house movement. Together with a friend he introduced the "Aphrodite" club. They established themselves quickly as DJs and as the " Aprodite DJs " were posted nationwide. Later, Gavin King to " DJ Aphrodite".

As in the 1990s arose British Hardcore to King joined the movement in 1994 and was one of the most famous DJs in the area of ​​Jungle. He founded his own label "Aphrodite Records " on which he (along with producer Tony B) and "Aladdin" ( with Mark QED) made ​​his name with the music projects "Amazon II". Gavin King is known as one of the pioneers of drum -and- bass Subcategory Jump Up, a form of music that is particularly memorable, and accordingly proved popular.

In 1996, King, along with Mickey Finn, the label Urban Takeover Records. Some of the releases were club hits.

While many popular drum and bass DJs retreated into the ground, King built his position at the international level. Remixes of songs by A Tribe Called Quest, Blackstreet, Jungle Brothers, Fugees and Luniz made ​​him and his music also known in the United States.

1999 appeared the mix album "Aphrodite". The success enabled King on a world tour.

Live always occurs Aphrodite as a DJ. Live acts ( club concerts ) he does not, used during his performances but raw versions of new studio tracks.