Aphrodite Terra

Aphrodite Terra (Latin for land of Aphrodite, the Greek goddess of love and beauty ) is the most extensive high country on the planet Venus.


The highlands extends along the equator. His most striking districts are Ovda Regio and east next, Thetis Regio. Often, only these two plateaus are referred to by their the uplifting environment as Aphrodite Terra. But occasionally the east subsequent highland Atla Regio terrain will be added with its big trenches and volcanoes. Depending on the Aphrodite Terra extends with a length of about 10,000 kilometers, or 16,000 kilometers, of about 50 ° east to 150 ° E or 210 ° east on a good quarter or almost half of the Venus equator, and is about half the size or nearly as large as Africa.

In Atla Regio are the volcanoes Sapa Mons, Mons Ozza and the largest volcano Maat Mons Venus. Of the latter two a mighty lava flows through the region Dali Chasma and forms a lava lake with the name Latona. The highland district south of Thetis Regio characterizes the Artemis Corona with the largest annular grave system Artemis Chasma.