Apocalypse Cow

  • Homer Simpson: Norbert Gastell (German )
  • Marge Simpson: Anke Engelke (German )
  • Bart Simpson: Sandra Schwittau (German )
  • Lisa Simpson: Sabine Bohlmann (German )

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Mad Cow (English title: Apocalypse Cow) is the 17th episode of the 19th season of the American animated television series The Simpsons. Your original title is a reference to the movie Apocalypse Now. In 2009 she won a Genesis and Writers Guild of America Award.


However, a girl named Mary encourages him not to give up. Bart calls his animal Lou and trained there. Lou grows into a strong beef and is the strongest of them all, so it wins the competition. Bart is proud, until he learns that his animal to be slaughtered. He tries to convince his parents by buying his bull. However, these refuse to accept him, because the costs are too high. At night, Bart, Lisa and her friends in a slaughterhouse a break to save Lou. There, however, they see that he was fed with growth hormones. Therefore, they use a forklift in order to get into. Bart wonders where he can bring his bulls and remembers Mary. As these lives on the farm, it was the ideal place for Lou.

When Bart Mary and her father Cletus asks if she can take him, Cletus calls out that his daughter got a marriage proposal. Bart is confused and asks to what it all meant. Cletus tells him that it was a proposal of marriage in his family, when one of his children a cow is offered. On the wedding day but below a margin and his mother thinks he is too young. Lou should therefore be issued, but in reality puts Homer in a cow costume and is driven instead of Lou to the slaughterhouse. Lou is brought to a plane to India, while Homer is rescued from the slaughterhouse.