Apollo 11 (Film)

Apollo 11 is an American television movie from 1996 about the first moon landing.


The film depicts both the preparation and the implementation of the Apollo 11 mission in the late 1960s. The private aspects of the three astronauts Buzz Aldrin, Neil Armstrong and Mike Collins are illuminated.

A key question is who will be the first of the two astronauts walked on the moon in the command module. The choice falls to Neil Armstrong because he is the commander of the mission.


Buzz Aldrin acted in this film as a technical consultant. The premiere on German TV was on 1 June 2000 on ProSieben.


"In terms of, Forty Years Moon Landing ' the media [ ... ] have so perfectly fulfills its service mission - even though things are rock solid, historically accurate retelling TV worth. [ ... ] Conclusion: Even the Man in the Moon is done. "

" Biopic ' with some sentimentality, which forces the actual events in a dramatic framework. "