Apollo 440

Apollo 440 ( also Apollo Four Forty or @ 440) is a British electronic music band music Big Beat direction.

Apollo 440 mix in their music classic rock elements with those of electro sounds and were involved in the development of the big beats.

Creation and career

Howard and Trevor Gray and guitarist Noko founded in 1990 the band. Howard Gray ( sound engineer ) and Trevor Gray ( trained pianist ) broke in the composition of their music all the rules known musical styles. The first smash single Krupa who was born in 1996 and was dedicated to the musician Gene Krupa is still very well known because it was a long time in the credits of ran- Football broadcast on Sat.1. Also known is the song Stop the Rock, which serves as the theme music for the computer game Fifa 2000 next to the song Sell Out by Reel Big Fish.

Her breakthrough saw the band appeared with the 1997 single Is not Talkin '' Bout Dub, which comes from the album Electro Glide in Blue. This song is the processing of a song by Van Halen ( Is not Talkin ' About Love ). The largest, also commercial, success attained in 1999 released album Gettin ' High on Your Own Supply.

In 2000 published a soundtrack to Apollo 440 3 Charlie's Angels as a maxi-CD. Three years later appeared with Dude Descending a Staircase, a double album.

After nearly nine -year break, the musicians reported to the Gray brothers in 2011 with an EP (A Deeper Dub) and in January 2012 with a studio album The Future's What It Used To Be Back. The album is only available as a download in Germany, England and the USA. In Poland, for example, it is officially available on CD.