Apostolic visitor

An Apostolic Visitor is a representative of the Pope, which is equipped with special and extensive powers. The examinees are, according to Church law requires " trust with the visitor will cooperate by responding to legitimate questioning truthfully " have to answer.

Mission and operation of the Apostolic visitator

The establishment of an Apostolic visitator for an entire diocese means that the Visitor was commissioned by the Pope to examine the entire office leadership of the diocesan bishop and all diocesan institutions. Its function is described by church insiders with a " Controller with full powers ". The visitor is responsible only to the Pope; his report is "the first step for further action ." Such a step is considered an official statement to distrust the official leadership of the local bishop concerned. The visitor has far-reaching powers. The visitierte diocesan bishop must not take decisions independently.

The Visitation

Basically include visitations to religious routine: The parishes are regularly of their bishop - or one of his representatives - visited. Monastic communities receive periodically " visiting from Rome." These - often very formally held - Visitations to strengthen the communities and municipalities in their pastoral zeal and their apostolic attitude - or even provide for price adjustments. A visitation has the determination of the specific facts in a diocese or in part of a diocese to the destination. In particular, the visitor has to find out structural and personnel problems that exist in the diocesan line and in the seminar leader, and prepare a decision of the Apostolic See.